The Overview

A1 poster = 8 A4 size sheets.

1. Intro
— who, when, why etc.
2. Framework
— position project in general P_C_G framework (see April 2006 Notes), and a historical time frame.
3. Physical
— what are the physical boundaries to the project (building geometry, etc., relation to FRPDAMTIC framework)
4. Cultural
— what are the cultural boundaries to the project (climatic, fashions, traffic conditions, laws, standards, etc.)
5. Goals (LPE)
— what are the goals of the project, and for whom (cui bono?) in relation to the logos-pathos-ethos framework (aesthetic, health, comfort, economic etc.)
6. Time
— how has the project (knowledge) developed from the past? What is the student’s opinion of the possibilities for the future?
7. “Why?”
— answer to the “why” question! Example: Why is there not more use of plants to absorb harmful gasses?

Possible hypothesis:

  • philosophical assessment of the rule of the engineer over the past 2 centuries—see “Brunel” article.
  • scientifically, very little quantifiable knowledge in 2006. Very little research. Some plants, some gasses.
  • commercially, very little dissemination of the (little) available knowledge.
8. Student Recommendations
— Future project or research work? What is needed, and in what field? Politics, ethics, education, science, economics etc. Comments on the current education system in Russia, promoting or limiting “change for the better”? Or other student opinion!