This is a joint Russian-Danish working home page for non-commercial education programme ideas, some of which have become reality; others are awaiting reality to come to them.

The symbol of Magritte is used to illustrate a new way of seeing a subject. Our subject is buildings, the built environment. We see a need, and a possibility, and definite advantages, for new ways of designing buildings and building components, and especially for a renaissance in the education of professionals, combining the best of the new, and the best of the old—quality, not quantity!

Our focus is climatic regulation. By looking at this subject in a “Magritte” way, new possibilities arise, with economic, aesthetic and functional benefits. In the first place, benefits for a building user, but in terms of a Global Economy, the benefits are really for us all. Please read more, and use any of the material freely, and write to us. All we ask is that you quote the source of the material.

Sergio Fox

We made these materials because of different reasons, for different people and in different languages. But our main idea “to be different” is not to be the enemy; to look at the world with different eyes is not a reason for fighting, to be strong for tradition of your country is not “to be conservative”. We are thinking that difference it is the most wonderful feature of the human. We are proud because of our difference and we want you to do it too. Our difference for us is the way to find more, to get more, to be better.

People who made this site are different too, but they have one dream—to make the architectural, design and engineering education more interesting, more non-standard and expanded. We would like to find the way for clear and accessible outlook in creation of the space. It is not easy, but it is necessary for having Tomorrow’s nice, attractive and varied places for living.

Our work is partly about how people before us were making the microclimate in their houses and cities, how we must modernize resources to create comfortable places, and what we must do for the future life. The main part of the work is about the methodology of modern engineering, and as an example we are talking about “Hermitage” method. The other part of this site is about Danish-Russian education project and about the results of this project.

Natalia Shesterneva